333 Bay Street PATH Concourse - Toronto, ON - 647 352 2220

Our Story

A little while back, a food product developer named Valerie convinced her accountant friend Teresa to quit their demanding corporate jobs and open an equally demanding kefir [keh-feer] shoppe. Looking back, it was a ridiculous idea, since nobody seemed to know what kefir was at the time, and neither of them knew at that they would embark on an endeavour that involved spending every single working day explaining kefir to the masses, let alone ask them to try this tart, tangy, soured milk product of eastern European origin. But both Teresa and Valerie had fond memories of their mothers fermenting kefir at home while they were growing up, and when Valerie came across it again while studying Food Science at the University of Guelph, she made a mental note that this is a product worth revisiting in the future.

Fast forward to summer of 2009, when the tart-style frozen yogurt craze from LA and Seoul hit Toronto, Valerie was unimpressed with the offerings that were available to the public, as most were chock full of fillers, gums, sugar, and other cheap ingredients. She set out to use a top quality kefir to make her own version of a naturally tangy, flavourful frozen dairy soft serve — without all the junk. deKEFIR opened in fall 2010, and now, instead of spending their days stuck on long conference calls or sleepy meetings, the Teresa and Valerie are dishing up a plethora of kefir items for the Bay Street crowd in the Toronto core.

deKEFIR’s kefir is made with Ontario whole cow’s milk and milk-fermenting kefir SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). That’s it!

We prepares all our fresh fruit offerings on site. Seasonal offerings include atualfo mangoes, dragonfruit, guava, persimmon, pomelo, fresh figs, pomegranate … where else in Toronto can you get fresh-churned soft serve with a side of exotic fruit!

We also prepare in-house a wide variety of cereal toppings that contain no refined sugar or shortening or butter, and nuts are roasted fresh, daily, on-site. Our House-made Granola, Walnut Sesame Clusters, Quinoa Qrunch cereal blend have all become client favourites!


Kefir Parfait Bowls

our most popular breakfast choice

three sizes

add fresh prepared seasonal fruit, house-made cereals and grains, nuts, seeds, and raw farm honey

Frozen Soft Serve Kefir

our most popular afternoon snack option

four sizes

light, refreshing treat that won’t pack on the empty calories

made from our fresh kefir with the addition of organic cane sugar no gums, fillers, starches, corn syrup derivatives, texturisers or stabilisers

choose from a variety of fresh prepared seasonal fruit, house-made cereals and grains, nuts, and seeds

Grab & Go

when you're on the run and need fuel for the day

house-made Power Protein Bar

house-made Power Muesli

house-made Power Chia Pudding

VAMs Kombucha and Kefir Water in 250mL and 1L bottles

french press coffee - freshly ground coffee beans from Manic Coffee

Hot Slow Cooked Oatmeal

slow cooked fresh daily using our house-made granola blend

two sizes

add fresh prepared seasonal fruit, house-made cereals and grains, nuts, seeds, and raw farm honey

*dairy free

Kefir Smoothies

perfect on-the-go nutrition

three sizes

blend together a variety of fresh prepared seasonal fruit, house-made cereals and grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and raw farm honey

Take Home

deKEFIR gift cards

fresh kefir 1L bottle

frozen kefir 16oz container

raw direct from farm (Blackstock, ON) honey in 375mL jars and 750mL tubs

house-made granola 227 g resealable pouch

walnut sesame clusters 200 g resealable pouch

quinoa qrunch cereal blend 100 g bag resealable pouch

crackle bits cookie crumble topping 275 g resealable pouch

The Shoppe

We are located at the base of the Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower (NE corner of Bay and Adelaide) in the PATH concourse … call us if you’re lost!
333 Bay St | Toronto, ON | M5H 2R2
647 352 2220
M - F 7am - 5pm

Corporate Catering

If you’re located in the Financial core, email us today for a kefir breakfast or snack bar set up at your next corporate event! We cater to small, intimate groups from 10 guests to large events with up to 800 guests. Let us know what you need and we can work with you to find a plan that best fits your needs.

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